Cement Spatulas Single End#1:2

Cement Spatulas Single End#1:2

Cement Spatulas Double End

Dental Cement Spatulas Double End
Made By Quality Stainless Steel
Gauranteed Satisfaction And Value For Money
OdontoMed2011 Instruments
OdontoMed2011 Products Offer A Handmade Touch To Each Instrument.
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Length - 185mm, (7.28")
Blade - Semi Round and arch headed both blunt.

Technical Specifications

Material: Stainless Steel
Rusting Prevention Procedure: Passivated
Sterilize-able: Yes
Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes
Sharp Edged: No
Mirror-Polished: Yes
Sand-Blasted: No (but possible)
Dull-Polished: No (but possible)
Usage: Left Hand or Right Hand
Tests Performed: Boil Test, Performance Test, Shape Test
Packing: Individually Packed
QC Passed: Yes

Common Uses:
Used for spreading plasters and for mixing ointments and masses.
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