Calving Chain Set



Pack Includes:
2 x Calving Chains 1.5M
Calving Chains are generally used around the limbs of calves to allow traction. An advantage of chains over ropes is that they are easy to remove after traction and easy to clean.

Chains should be placed correctly to avoid damage to the legs of the calf. Chains should be placed in a double half hitch, with the hitch aligned along the front of the legs.

It is recommended that Chains should not be used with calf pullers as the chain links could damage the calf’s legs. Calf puller can also put undue stress on the chain, resulting in breakage of the chain.

Wash the chains in antiseptic solution after use and let dry to avoid corrosion. Chains must be stored in a dry place to help reduce the level of corrosion.


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