Castroviejo Needle Holder 14cm Curved TC



Castroviejo Needle Holder 14cm Curved TC

Castroviejo Needle Holders are used to hold fine needles in microsurgical and ophthalmic procedures. The needle holder has spring handles, a tungsten carbide (TC) tip, and a locking mechanism. The tool can be locked and unlocked by pressing the spring handles. Castroviejo needle holders are available in both straight and curved tips.

Medical Tools Castroviejo needle holders feature TC tip, locking mechanism, and gold-plated spring handle.

This tool has a curved TC tip and overall length is 14cm.

Needle Holders Common Uses:
Needle holders or needle drivers are used to holding a suturing needle during suturing and surgical procedures.
Technical Specifications:
 Stainless Steel
Reusable or Disposable: Reusable
Sterile or Non-Sterile: Non-Sterile
Latex-Free: Yes
Rust Prevention Procedure: Passivation
Ultrasonic Cleaned: Yes
Matt Polished: Yes
Lubricate: Yes
Usage: Right Hand
Tests Performed: Boil Test, Performance Test, Shape Test
Packing: Individually Packed
QC Passed: Yes


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